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    Mirik lake is one of the well-known tourist spots in West Bengal. It is famed for its beauty and transport facility to the place. It is the central desirability of Mirik, and this is where you are likely to spend most of your time. On the way to Mirik, the surroundings are magnificent, and it seems we are going amongst the white fluffy clouds.

    The Mirik Lake, a 1.25 km natural lake, is also called Sumendu Lake, the favorite tourist spot in the region. The lake is at the lowest altitude in Mirik (at 4,900ft). Rain and spring water keep feeding the lake, which remains full throughout the year. The depth of water varies from 3ft to 25ft.

    Boating in Mirik is one of the most popular activities. Almost any time during the day, you will find several boats on the lake. Some boats have the shape of a swan. The lake's western bank is protected by a forest with tall pine trees having a walking sequence passing through it. The lake's eastern bank has a beautiful garden where tourists and locals relax and enjoy the natural environment.

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    The lake is not appropriate for swimming, but boating is fun here. The scenic of the wholeness of Mirik while boating in this lake is quite breathtaking. Tourists can also enjoy Horse riding around the lake. Some shops and restaurants offer snacks, tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. Many tourists feed fish just outside the lake's southern end. A bridge connects the lake area with Krishnanagar (the southern part of Mirik). The bridge is a two-minute walk from the boating lake. You can see numerous fishes there when you stand over the bridge and look down below into the waters. Tourists and locals throw pieces of bread into the water, and hundreds of fish swiftly link up. A lady there sells bread slices for fish feeding.

    The other important sightseeing & things to Do in Mirik are Pashupati Nagar, Bulkulung, Simana View Point, Bokar Monestry, Devisthan Temple, Tea Garden View Point, and Don Bosco Church.

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    Yes, a small hill station located in the vast Himalayan Valley near Darjeeling in West Bengal.People generally do Day excursion to Mirik from Darjeeling

    Mirik experiences frequent snowfall. Temperature ranges between 1 degree Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius.

    No, it is not allowed.There are lot of Fish in the lake, people some times throws left over in the lake. It's ill legal and not rightful practise.

    Yes, all safety measure is maintained. Please refer Government website for more details.
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