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Paro International Airport is that the one and only international airport to enter into Bhutan by air. Paro is surrounded by mountains and is situated at a height of 7300 ft above water level . Other domestic airports include Gelephu Airport in south-central Bhutan, Yonphulla in eastern Bhutan and Bathpalanthag Airport in central Bhutan. However, Yonphulla and Bathpalathag airports have closed their operations.

The National Air Carrier of Bhutan, Druk Air is that the only airline, operates regular flights to and from Paro to Kolkata (India), Delhi (India), Gaya (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Kathmandu (Nepal) and Dhaka (Bangladesh).

There are international flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangkok, Bagdogra, Dhaka, Bodh Gaya, Kathmandu, Singapore, Guwahati and Mumbai.

Bagdogra Airport is that the nearest Airport of the Indian state of West Bengal and it takes a four-hour drive to the Bhutanese border town Phuentsholing. Bagdogra Airport receives many flights from major cities within India, also as, Bhutanese Druk Air operates flights from Bangkok frequently.


Bhutan’s Paro International Airport brings an exciting experience while travelling by plane. A spectacular scene of Paro valley will certainly cause you to amaze because the mountain tops are closer than most other flights within the world. The flight between Kathmandu and Paro is one among the foremost exciting experiences for any traveller because the route covers four highest mountains of the planet . In fine weather, one can enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Kangchenjunga.

By Road

1. By Car

Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar and Gelephu are the sole land borders hospitable world tourists. Tourists may choose the bus, private taxi or the other local transportation to succeed in Bhutan.

Phuentsholing is found within the south-west which is around 170 km from the Indian national airport at Bagdogra, West Bengal (India). it’s the closest airport which takes about 5 hours’ drive from Phuentsholing.

Gelephu is another entry point to Bhutan situated in south-central Bhutan. it’s approximately 250 km from the capital city Thimphu. The journey to succeed in Thimphu is sort of interesting. It takes the travellers through the sub-tropical areas and therefore the alpine zone of Bhutan. Approximately ten hours travel goes through three beautiful dzongkhags (districts).

Samdrup Jongkhar has situated in south-east Bhutan and 150 km faraway from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. It borders the Indian district of Darranga, Assam. The journey from Guwahati to Samdrup Jongkhar is about three hours. The entering route, Samdrup Jongkhar takes travellers through Trashigang, Mongar, Bumthang, Trongsa, Wangdue Phodrang then capital Thimphu.

2. By Bus

Indian tourists may take a bus journey from Kolkata. One can take an immediate bus from Esplanade Station in Kolkata to Phuentsholing. The bus journey takes about 18 hours to succeed in Phuentsholing from Kolkata and it’s comfortable. The buses are travel by the Royal Bhutanese Government.

Siliguri has the frequent bus company to Phuentsholing/Jaigaon. It takes but four-hour journey.

By Train

There is NO DIRECT TRAIN ROUTE in Bhutan. Tourists need to reach at the defined station then take a cab or local transport to succeed in Bhutan. Convenient and best options from India are New Alipurduar, Siliguri, New Jalpaiguri Station and Hasimara.

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Hasimara situated in West Bengal is merely 17 km faraway from Phuentsholing. Indian Railway operates the train from here.

‘New Alipurduar’ railroad station is 60 km faraway from Jaigaon. Bus and taxi services are available from New Alipurduar to Jaigaon. The trains going towards Guwahati stop at this railroad station . Tourists can stop here and catch the bus or taxi to succeed in Bhutan.

One of the convenient options for travellers heading to Bhutan by land is New Jalpaiguri Station in Siliguri. Direct shared taxis and buses from Siliguri to Jaigaon are available.

How to Reach Bhutan From India

The Kingdom of Bhutan is one among the wanted tourist destinations within the world. This heavenly Himalayan country was once so underdeveloped that travelling here was a far fetched dream. But with proper planning and economic development undertaken by the Bhutanese Government, the country has become easily accessible.

It is easily accessible from many Indian states and cities through air, train and road transport. Given below is that the thanks to reach Bhutan from a number of the main Indian cities:

How to Reach Bhutan from Delhi?

By Air :

Delhi has always been one such city, which has good connectivity to several other Indian cities also as international destinations. Similarly, Delhi has many international flights flying to Bhutan. you’ll catch a world flight from Gandhi International Airport to Paro International Airport in Bhutan. Flights from Delhi also are available to Gelephu Airport in South-Central Bhutan. Two airlines namely, Druk Airlines and Bhutan Airlines provide carrier services in Bhutan. Druk Airline is that the National Carrier of Bhutan and operates regularly. However, Bhutan Airlines operate only few days every week . One also can fly to Guwahati or Kolkata and board a flight to Bhutan.

By Train

Delhi has well connectivity through trains also . There aren’t any direct train services from New Delhi to Bhutan. However, New Delhi has trains to the town of Kolkata, Guwahati, Siliguri, and Hasimara. the remainder of the journey are often done by road by bus or car. Government run buses of the Bhutan Government run regularly from Kolkata and Hasimara to Phuentsholing town in Bhutan. It takes around 22 hours to succeed in Phuentsholing.From Guwahati and Siliguri, the road journey to Bhutan takes around 12 hours.

By Road :

Bhutan are often reached via two routes through cars. the foremost preferred route is that the route via NH 27 to Phuentsholing, which takes about 28 hours.

How to Reach Bhutan from Kolkata?

The city of Kolkata is well connected to several Indian cities and towns, however remote it’s .

Air : Kolkata has both direct and indirect flights flying to Paro International Airport. Hence, there’s not much hassle within the journey.

Train : There are numerous train options available. One can board a train from Kolkata to Siliguri or Falakata or Hasimara. From there, shared jeep or taxis are often taken to succeed in the border town Phuentsholing.

By Road : Travelling via road from Kolkata to Bhutan may be a very easy task. The Royal Bhutanese Government runs several buses from Kolkata to Phuentsholing. However, the journey is sort of long taking about 22 hours.

How to Reach Bhutan from Mumbai?

By Air : There are direct flights from Mumbai to Paro International Airport operated by Druk Air. The journey takes around 3 hours 10 mins. this is often the foremost preferred mode thanks to its comfort and time saving feature.

By Rail : There are not any direct trains from Mumbai to Bhutan. you initially got to travel from Mumbai to Kolkata by train and board subsequent train to New Jalpaiguri. From there, a bus or taxis are easily available to Bhutan border.

By Road : Travelling by road comes with its own disadvantages and dangers. the space from Mumbai to Bhutan is around 2849 kilometers and takes about 56 hours.

How to Reach Bhutan from Bangalore?
By Air : the town of Bangalore doesn’t have any direct flights to Bhutan. So, one can fly to either Kolkata or Delhi and board a flight to Paro from there. Kolkata and Delhi have direct also as indirect flights to Paro also as Gelephu.

By Rail : There aren’t any direct trains from Bangalore to Bhutan, so travelling by train means wasting around 3-4 days in only travelling a method . If you would like to pass by train, you initially need to board a train to Kolkata. From Kolkata, you would like to board another to either New Jalpaiguri or Hasimara. From there, buses or cars are easily available. Government run buses also are available from NJP and Hasimara.

By Road : The approximate distance from Bangalore to Bhutan is 2875 kilometers. There are many disadvantages like high fuel cost, accommodation and eating in between and tiring journey.

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How to Reach Bhutan from Chennai?

Air : the simplest choice to reach Bhutan from Chennai is by boarding a flight from Chennai to Kolkata, then board a flight from Kolkata to Paro. Indirect flights viaBagdograare also available to Paro.

Train : Trains also are available if one wishes to visit Bhutan. However, there’s no direct train. One can board a train to Kolkata then to New Jalpaiguri. From Jalpaiguri,a cab or local transport mean are often taken to Phuentsholing border.

How to Reach Bhutan from Hyderabad?
By Air : the simplest thanks to fly from Hyderabad to Bhutan is first fly to Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata. Kolkata seems the simplest option from where you’ll board an immediate flight to Paro. the entire journey would take quite 4 hours.

By Road : To travel from Hyderabad to Bhutan by road, it’ll take an enormous amount of your time . Plus the efforts and money are going to be another disadvantage. that’s why it’s less preferred.

By Rail : One must first catch a train to Kolkata then a train to Hasimara. Hasimara is found around 17 kilometers from the Indo-Bhutan border from where shred jeeps and taxis are easily available.

How to Reach Bhutan from Siliguri?

By Road : The trip from Siliguri to Phuentsholing is of about 157 km. It takes only around 5 hours and there are many options available like buses, private taxis or shared jeeps. the entire journey is crammed with picturesquescenic beauties. From Siliguri, there are two routes to visit Phuentsholing. the primary is via NH 31C. The second route is thru Siliguri-Guwahati National Highway, which may be a little longer. But it’s well maintained, hence the journey is comfortable.

By Train : the choice option is by train. you’ll board a train from Siliguri to either Falakata or Hasimara. From there, you’ll get on a vehicle to the border.

How to Reach Bhutan from Guwahati?

By Air : There are not any direct flights from Guwahati. If one wishes to pass by air, first fly to Kolkata or Baghdogra. Kolkata and Baghdogra have direct flights to Paro International Airport. However, from Kolkata and Baghdogra again road journey has got to be done. the space from Baghdogra to Bhutan is stheame as Guwahati to Bhutan. But the road from Guwahati is far developed and makes the journey comfortable. The road journey from Kolkata to Bhutan takes about 26 hours. Yet again, Guwahati may be a better option.

By Rail : There are not any direct trains from Guwahati to Bhutan. However, if one wishes to visit Bhutan via train, must board a train to Hasimara. Hasimara to Bhutan takes about 7 hours via road. But the train journey to Hasimara would take you another minimum of seven hours (travel duration changes as per trains), which can ultimately increase the entire time period . Hence, traveling by Road from Guwahati to Bhutan is that the best choice .

By Road : Travelling by road from Guwahati to Bhutan is that the best choice from the other mode. The journey takes about 12 hours and therefore the road is filled with beautiful hills, mountains, and picturesque natural sceneries. The journey takes you thru the national highway 27. There are two entry points to Bhutan from the Assam border, namely, Samdrup Jongkhar and Gelephu. One can prefer to choose a booked cab or privately owned vehicle to succeed in Bhutan.

What is the capital of Bhutan?

Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan.

What is the distance between Bagdogra to Paro?

The total distance is about 305 kms

Do we have Flight to reach Bhutan from India?

Yes, we have Druk Air which operates Direct flight from India.

How can we book a Tour Package to Bhutan?

Tour Adviser provides tour Packages to Bhutan from India

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