Aritar Travel Guide


Aritar Travel Guide.It is a little town in Eastern Sikkim, and a comfortable retreat into the forested areas for the off in an unexpected direction explorer. It is here that you see the bounty of nature, as woodlands, frigid lakes, snow secured mountains, and curious religious communities took care of the middle of pinnacles, valleys and paddy fields.

Aritar is immaculate in its regular excellence, and an invite remedy to the advanced clamor and noise.

Situated in Silk Route Sikkim, Aritar additionally gives numerous alternatives for experience sports and trekking.

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Atmosphere And Best Time To Visit

Aritar is colder than the greater part of the towns in Sikkim, being on the edge of the Himalayas. This causes it to get abundant snowfall, and has its very own delight in the light winter months. The best time to visit is January or April-June.

Arriving and Getting Around Aritar

Aritar is colder than the vast majority of the towns in Sikkim, being on the edge of the Himalayas. This causes it to get adequate snowfall, and has its very own wonder in the light winter months. The best time to visit is January or April-June.

The most ideal approach to visit around the town is to book a private taxi. Aritar is a remote zone and very few alternatives are accessible in the town, so it is desirable over pre-book a taxi before coming to there.

Touring and ACTIVITIES

Aritar has wonderful destinations around it, and much more stunning view, any place you go. Touring is a compensating experience here, all around.


It is a little spot of love, committed to Lord Shiva as the “Ishwar” of Devi Parvati. Numerous strict voyagers crowd to this sanctuary, particularly during the blessed “Shraavan Maas,” an especially consecrated month in the Hindu schedule, devoted to love of Lord Shiva. There is no extra charge. It is a tranquil and serene area, which is most appropriate for the otherworldly explorers. One can invest energy here and be in a thoughtful space or simply interface with the nature.


This is one of the most established regular lakes in Sikkim, situated at an elevation of 4500 ft. It is a well known spot, encompassed by lavish greenery and serene environment. It is of late been developed to permit sailing, the main lake in Sikkim which is drifting offices. Drifting gives an alternate perspective on the encompassing slopes. There are offices of pony riding and bows and arrows additionally around the lake, for those searching for more exercises.

It will likewise has the Lampokhari Festival in the long stretches of April and May, which is perfect for the profoundly disposed voyagers. It incorporates blossom appears, social exhibitions, and inspecting of nearby cooking. There is additionally a little sanctuary committed to Lord Padmasambhava on the banks of the lake. A short trek from the lake prompts Mankhim Dara, a little sanctuary, and a network of Rai individuals. Experience the travel industry as rock climbing and para floating is likewise accessible here.

Lastly, Aritar is a token of all that is excellent on the planet, and a short leave the ordinary routine uninteresting of regular day to day existence. It is an unquestionable requirement visit goal for each one of the individuals who look for peacefulness and an excursion to recall.

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What is the total distance from Aritar to Gangtok?

Total distance is approx 72 Kms

What is the distance between Aritar to Zuluk?

Total distance between Aritar to Zuluk is Approx 42 Kms.

What is the main city of Zuluk?

Rhenock is the main and nearest city to Zuluk

Does Tour Adviser provide Tour Packages for Zuluk?

Yes, Tour Adviser provides Tour Packages for Zuluk

Does Tour Adviser provide Taxi Service in Zuluk?

Yes, Tour Adviser provides Taxi Service in Zuluk.